The Buying Process | What You’ll Need | The Build Process | Other Questions

The Buying Process

  • What exactly am I ordering from you?

You’re ordering a PDF of a pattern that you can print out on paper or cardstock to build your own creation. Depending on the item, you can either download it immediately, or an invitation will be sent to you to join a Dropbox folder where you can download the necessary files.

  • What kind of payment do you take?

Credit/debit card and Paypal are available.

  • My transaction is still processing. How long does it take?

Transactions should be processed immediately, though every once in a while Etsy’s payment system holds transactions for one reason or another. We don’t have any access to the payment processing system, so we unfortunately can’t see what is causing the delay. Please check with Etsy support to see if they can help with the process.

Supplies You’ll Need

  • What do I need?

You will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat, card stock or card board (old file folders can work great!), access to a printer or printing service, glue or strong tape, scissors or a craft knife (e.g., X-acto knife), and a cutting surface (self-healing mat, old cereal box, or something similar).

We also recommend having both scissors and a knife as well as something to listen to in the background while you work.

  • What size and type of paper works?

The patterns are intended for US Letter sized paper (8.5 x 11″).

If printing to A4, be sure to specify no adjustment or scaling. A few lines may be lost at the edges of the page, but it should be fairly apparent where to extend the lines when cutting and folding. Alternatively, you can allow the printer to scale, though it may reduce the size of the final project by up to 3%.

For paper type, we recommend 110 lb card stock (200 gsm). This card is very sturdy and holds up to being knocked around well. 65 lb (170 gsm) will also work well and is actually a bit easier to cut, fold, and build with, though it doesn’t hold up as well. Alternatively, you can trace the pattern onto old, sturdy materials like index files, manila folders, or cereal boxes. Some customers have also used thin foam core, though this will require eliminating tabs from the pattern and may make folds somewhat more challenging.

  • What glue/tape do you recommend?

We use Tacky Glue almost exclusively. It is similar to white glue, but is slightly stickier, which makes assembling a bit faster and easier. White glue will actually work fine if it’s convenient. Note that only a small amount of glue is necessary – too much, and the paper will dampen and warp!

Clear packing tape is a fast and strong way of constructing our patterns, though it can be difficult to paint (a coat of primer can help). Some customers have even used Scotch tape effectively!

The Build Process

  • How long does it take to build a pattern?

Building time varies, depending on the size and complexity of the pattern, your skill as a builder, and the methods and materials you use to build. Particularly simple patterns can take about an hour if done quickly. Some other patterns may take 8 hours of work if done with precision.

  • What’s the fastest way to build a pattern?

To minimize building time, we suggest the following:
* Cut the pieces out using an x-acto or craft knife rather than scissors
* Use tape instead of glue. You’ll still have to glue the teeth on a few patterns, but the rest can be taped.
* If using tape, don’t cut out the tabs on the pieces. Just cut along the edge. This makes the cutting process easier and faster, and the tabs are unnecessary if you’re taping the two edges together.

  • The mask is too tight. Is there a way to loosen it?

Some masks come with the back already split, but some don’t. If your mask don’t have a slit up the rear, try adding one. It may make fitting the mask easier. If this isn’t sufficient, you may need to rebuild it in a bigger size. You can scale the parts in most print drivers in the Advanced Settings or Preferences. Look for Scaling and change it from 100% to something larger like 103%.

  • Do you have a video tutorial?

Sure do!

Other Questions

  • Do the patterns come in color?

Some do, but not all. Printing to colored card stock can create some very nice builds, or you’re free to color and paint your own however you like to make your own creation.

  • Will you print the pattern I bought and send it to me?

Sorry; we aren’t set up for this right now. It may be a possibility in the future, but we’ve avoided doing this for a few reasons. First, it costs something to send it, and who wants to pay more? Second, it’s much faster for you to download the files instead of waiting for the post office to ship it to you. Third, with only one paper copy, if you make a mistake, there may be no way to fix it, but with digital files, you can just print out a new sheet and try again.

If you are interested in large quantities of printed patterns, this may be an option. Contact us for details.

  • Do you build and ship finished products?

Sometimes. It depends on our workload at the time. Do bear in mind that this would require a fair amount of additional costs due to the labor and shipping involved.

  • Do you take requests for new patterns?

Sure! Ask us and we’ll see if it’ll work out. It depends on our current schedule schedule and whether or not your idea intrigues us.