About Tetra Variations

I was spending my days with my nose buried in either a book or a computer screen. I just needed to do something, something with my hands, something that didn’t involve staring in a single direction. I’d stumbled onto plans for building a little paper toy, and decided to give it a shot. I suppose I never stopped.

BuildingI’ve built seven foot tall statues and little desktop, gear-driven machines. Just to see if I could. Paper’s not the only medium I play with as I also etch glass and wood, and you’ll occasionally find me mucking about with other things. I sort of tinker with whatever strikes me in the moment.

Of course, I can’t live off tinkering, so I’m teaching the next generation of scholars (we’re all doomed, and it’s partially my fault) and working on a doctorate that combines theology, psychology, and neuroscience into what I hope is a coherent idea. I also still spend too much time staring at my computer screen. I suppose some things never change.