Is your father driving you crazy with his endless dad jokes? Have you had it up to here with idiots mansplaining things to you? Are you tired of constant political bickering? Then maybe you need some of our patented* medicines**! Guaranteed*** to make you feel better — or at least get a laugh out of you.
Take a look at our new joke candy box kits made to look like medicines that you really, really need.

* Not patented. Not patent pending.
** Not FDA approved. Probably shouldn’t even be calling them medicines.
*** They actually exist or your money back!


Take ordinary paper and create something magical with our PDF patterns!

Pattern Pages

Print out the pages, cut, fold, and glue, and you can build almost anything!

Dinosaurs! Halloween masks! An adorable penguin lamp! Puppets for kids to play with! Over 50 options to choose from!

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